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Kompozycja i tekst: Jenni


--- (laugh) You actually have your own wine line too, right. How did that start?

Well, I love drinking red wine, and also wine. (laugh) Wine maker Robert Mondavi Jr. approached me asking if I would like to do my own wine, and I thought, "Why not?" So drinking wine is also part of my job.

--- Sounds very nice. With your schedule you must be spending more time overseas than in Japan nowadays.

I moved to Los Angeles about 20 years ago, but these days I pretty much live on the plane. About 50 percent of time I'm up in the air.

--- Is there anything Japanese that you miss when you're overseas?

Japanese food.

--- I heard that you especially like ramen.

Yes. When I'm playing with X JAPAN I do a low-carb, or actually more like a no-carb diet, because I have to take off my shirt and have six packs and everything. But right now with my classical tour, I don't have to worry about that. But the problem is that there are some airlines that serve ramen inside their planes. It's a problem.

--- Why is that a problem?

Because I keep eating it! (laugh) During the flight from New York to Japan last week, I ate two.

--- (laugh) Your classical tour "YOSHIKI CLASSICAL" starting next month revolves around classical music. What do you think is the biggest difference between classical music and rock music?

Well, mentally it's not that different, since I've been playing classical piano since I was 4 years old and drums since I was 10 years old, so I can play both naturally. But of course there is a difference on the stage. When I perform with X JAPAN, there's drums, guitars, bass, vocals. This time when I play the piano, there's a 47-piece orchestra. Though I think I'm going to have a vocalist to come several songs too...

--- I believe there are people who usually don't listen to classical music, but decide to give it a try when they hear that you are coming to their town to perform. How do you feel about being kind of like a connection between rock music and classical music?

That's really cool. You know, I opened the Tokyo Fashion Week three weeks ago. I have my kimono line, and on my kimono line I have a very traditional and conservative line, but I also have a rock 'n' roll version, leather materials, as well as sexy designs. I actually made a see-through kimono. That was maybe a bit too much. (laugh) But people got really interested, and people of younger generation were asking, "Is this a new kimono?". And through that, they get interested in traditional kimonos as well. So, I just want to open the door for the new generation. I have the same approach with classical music. I do classical versions of X JAPAN sometimes, and people start listening. And eventually they start listening to Beethoven and Chopin.

--- I see.

Actually, I'm playing Chopin a little bit at these up-coming concerts. I'm also going to be doing a bunch of other stuff. I'm also going to play the piano concerto I composed for the emperor of Japan, and the theme song for I composed for the American Golden Globe Awards. So the show will be a combination of all of those things. And hopefully some of those people who never listen to classical music can eventually be influenced by classical music.

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