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Kompozycja i tekst: Jenni


Special Interview

"When people try to do something, there is always going to be a wall. But if you don't break that wall, if you leave it there, you're going to die. You're going to want to die." -YOSHIKI

YOSHIKI is currently traveling all over the world with the promotion of his classical tour "YOSHIKI CLASSICAL" and the screenings of X JAPAN's documentary movie "We Are X". Despite his busy schedule, we got a chance to sit down with YOSHIKI to talk with him about his current activities and what both classical and rock music mean to him.

--- You came from Hong Kong yesterday, will be playing at Classic Rock Awards tomorrow, and you also have a performance in Amsterdam planned for next week. It's a really busy schedule.

Yes. I was in New York before Hong Kong. (laugh)

--- How do you cope with the different time zones? Do you feel tired?

I'm always jet lagged. (laugh)

--- But despite that, you don't look tired at all. Do you have a secret that keeps that keeps the jet lag from showing?

I just drink a lot of red wine. (laugh)

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