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 Things you must know to get a GCE certificate fast
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 Posted - 2019/11/14 :  09:11:36  Show profile Send a private message
A GCSE is a “General Certificate of Secondary Education”. They are sat typically in year 10 and 11, with the majority of exams sat in year 11. However, many students fast track some GCSEs to year 9, especially for Foreign Language GCSEs, If English is not their first language.

GCSEs are the most important set of exams in your life, in that they determine whether you are able to take your next step in education.

A GCE, a General Certificate of Education, is an A-Level, typically sat after GCSEs (or O-Levels in Africa and pre-1987 Britain).

GCEs are one of the next steps up from GCSEs and O-Levels, and also the most common form of post-16 education.

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