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 The child likes a
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 Posted - 2019/06/13 :  02:08:17  Show profile Send a private message
The child likes a puppy. This dog is different from any dog ??that I have seen before. It is especially well-behaved and lively Cigarettes For Sale. It is as full of curiosity as a child. The cow eats grass outside the railing. It runs around the cow and turns around. Sometimes it runs close to the cow, and the cow screams and gasps. Big eyes stare at it. At this time, the screaming of the puppies is so close that it is close to the person, and it is close to the legs of the adults and children, but they can also grab the things of the children��s hands and curiously turn over. View in the past. Sometimes I even show my teeth and pretend to be fierce. It seems that I really want to bite you. It has aroused my son��s interest. The son chased the dog and played crazy with it all morning. I was afraid that my child was bitten. I had to stare at my son and I was a little embarrassed at first. The puppy ran to get close to him. He was scared to run. The puppies chased even more joy, glaring at him, and the son was scared to hide. In less than 5 minutes, the son is intimate with the puppy. He took out a variety of small snacks that he couldn't bear to eat and teased the puppy. He also fed the dog with water, and his son's white and tender little hand held a small water in his hand Newport 100S. The puppy stretched out his hot tongue and groaned in his hand. I think the son will never forget the feeling of being wet by the puppy and the soft tongue Marlboro Red. At the top of the circle, the puppy jumped hard and tried to bite the stick. Or throw the little wooden stick far away, let the puppy fart and go. My son was tired. After returning home, he said to me very seriously: "Mom, I want to raise a story. I told him a story about raising a dog at home. I said the death of the dog. It was hung on the bamboo pole at the door. A teardrop of a big drop of beans next to the eyelids began to twist in my arms, playing with my fingers, suddenly there was no movement, and even the breathing seemed to hold my eyes Online Cigarettes. I looked down at him, and my son��s eyes were filled with tears. I just stood still, as if I was suddenly settled by the law. I held him, silent for a while, maybe I shouldn��t give him a cry when I was a child? The child cried very sadly, one night, intermittently I asked me Marlboro Lights, but I was careful and seemed to be afraid of my sorrow. He was keenly aware of my helplessness and sorrow at his age. The child never said anything about raising a dog. We must always learn to grow up. I eat myself, dress myself, and travel by myself. We have long been accustomed to a person, every day, aimlessly, from one end to another, coming and going, going around, like a helpless reincarnation. Time, but still firm , Slow walk, leaving me hovering in place. Do not want to go back, too afraid to move forward. Do not want to go back because I am afraid to see ever day
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