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 Rumors and Trivia
 In this bleak season
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United Kingdom
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 Posted - 2019/06/13 :  02:00:56  Show profile Send a private message
In this bleak season, driving a boat alone and through the vast and boundless lake, there is no other taste. The wind is coming, the clouds are gone. Rain, come, fish dance. Flowers, opened, with color, with a fragrance to bring nature's story; I, laugh, can breathe, can sing softly, can use heart to perceive this autumn, this lake, this nature. Autumn morning It is elegant. At the moment when the sun shines, the lake is splendid and the heart is warm. Feeling breathing, feeling time, feeling life, is a kind of self-confidence, a kind of strength, because this new day is not just autumn. When people have a broad mind, there is actually no fear. Everything is like this autumn morning Marlboro Red, in the heart, in the middle of no words, in the grace. The sound of autumn is crisp. Autumn leaves, flying, falling on the lawn, falling in the water, falling on the heart. It is not humble, because it already understands the existence and meaning of life; autumn rain, persistently drifting, not panic, because it has understood that life is a state of mind and tolerance; Qiuju, leisurely bloom, speak without words Cigarettes For Sale, because Its soul is clean, plain, and beautiful. There is no sadness in the years, only a time-marked imprint. Because it already understands the existence and meaning of life. Autumn rain, persistently floating, not flustered, because it has understood that life is a state of mind and tolerance; I hold up a paper umbrella, reach out, feel a drop, with gentle and delicate rain, slap on the palm, it seems It can be Liao, all the dirt in my heart, people feel, very relaxed, as if all the world is not there. Life is so rare that such a state of mind is clean, simple, and beautiful for its soul. There is no sadness of the years, only the mottled mark of time; there is no earthly sorrow, only the trajectory of life without regret; there is no so-called hypocrisy and impetuousness, only the temperament of oneself and the pure beauty ogpies, and rotten spring flowers! Looking at the northwest, it is a fairyland in the blue sky and white clouds. Two ducklings looked at each other, one suddenly snorkeling, and the other followed; for a moment, they all came out. Haha, it is far away. This is a dozen or so rounds. It is estimated that the little male duck is too stupid, farther and farther away from the female duck, and did not catch up with the pair of ducklings. However, a pair has been added. I feel that the speed has increased, and I have gone a long way. I saw a guarded gate and a road leading to the south. I used to talk about it and asked if he could go to Yangshan. He said: Yes! Great, I immediately returned, my heart secretly decided to come here to explore the road tomorrow, climb the mountain! The potential is great! Halfway through the first two hours; two-thirds the next day; today I arrived at the destination - Yangshan! Perseverance in the park has an ecological corridor Newport Cigarettes, just wearing the North Fifth Ring, very artistic. Standing tall, I can see far before I remember the 2008 Olympics, my son and I went to Tsinghua. When the taxi passed, the taxi driver told us that it was the Olympic Park near the southern bird's nest for rabbits and other small animals Carton Of Cigarettes. To the north is the Olympic Forest Park. In a large garden, the north and south cross the North Fourth Ring Road and the North Fifth Ring Road. Very vast! It is best to rent a battery car Marlboro Gold, I am walking, only a small part of it.
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