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 Shop Discount Supreme x Air Jordan 14 on Cadysneak
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 Posted - 2019/06/02 :  13:13:57  Show profile Send a private message
Supreme's collaboration with Nike has long been commonplace for trend players. But the last time Supreme and Jordan joined hands, it can be traced back to 4 years ago. Together, the [URL=]Supreme x Air Jordan 14[/URL] is based on the rare Air Jordan 14 and creates a pair of special shoes in black, blue and white. Among them, black and blue color, the shoe body is large black, with blue and silver midsole, the contrast effect is very bright. The studded upper reflects a strong locomotive style. The classic Supreme logo has been added to the classic classic flying man logo to highlight the unique co-branded identity. White and red is Supreme's iconic color combination, and the color scheme is brighter than black and blue. The black midsole will give the shoes a unique midsole silhouette, which will be more sharp and the street texture will be more intense. In general, the joint name will be very good in the shape and characteristics of these classic shoes. Very outstanding.

[URL=]2019 Cheap Jordan[/URL],Full vamp 3M reflective Air Jordan shoes have always had a good popularity, dazzling reflective effect, and a full-featured everyday look, all unforgettable! This year, Jordan Brand brought three pairs of special 3M reflective shoes. This time includes Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 7 and Air Jordan 8, these three pairs of shoes are Michael Jordan's first three consecutive championship boots. Air Jordan 7 is paired with a burgundy midsole with a turmeric Jumpan Logo to create a very high-quality upper. The Air Jordan 6 is made of silver 3M with black and red colors for a very simple upper design. Under the semi-transparent outsole, the unique shape of the shoes is vividly presented. The Air Jordan 8 is embellished with a signature camouflage brush on the body of the shoe, echoing the details of the tongue, midsole and more. The classic shoes are paired with outstanding values, and the effect on the feet is natural.

[URL=]Jordans 2019 Shoes[/URL],UNDERCOVER and Nike have always maintained close cooperation. The high-end running shoes GYAKUSOU series created by both parties has won unanimous praise from many shoe fans. The UNDERCOVER x Nike Daybreak series, which we have reported many times before, will finally be available for sale this week. In the design of these two pairs of shoes, the fashion and functional style that Takahashi Shield is keen on is still carried out, and many innovative elements have been added to the retro Daybreak. The overall shape of the shoe body has a special silhouette, and the suede and silk material are spliced ​​together, which has both retro beauty and practical function. The exaggerated jagged heel makes the shoes extremely recognizable. Not only has the shoe shape been modified, but the overall temperament of the shoes has been enhanced, demonstrating the distinctive street temperament. The midsole is decorated with ink and embellished with the UNDERCOVER logo.

lucy blair

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