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 After eating breakfast
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 Posted - 2019/05/31 :  08:10:17  Show profile Send a private message
After eating breakfast today, a strange idea "seek out" from my mind: that is, doing two things with your eyes closed. Since I thought of it, I would do the first thing: put the magazine back on the bed. I blindly covered my eyes with a red scarf, and suddenly I was dark. Oh, I think, really, why is it so dark, so how to go without a trace! But I thought of what Hilti said: I can only know myself in the midst of suffering! So I took the hand in the dark and tried it by hand Marlboro Lights. With the air around me, gradually, I am bold, thinking that in such a familiar home, I will not have anything. Walking and listening, just listening to the "��", I feel that I am taking Venus. "Oh! What's the thing?" I yelled as I tilted my head. I carefully reached out and touched it: it was a thick wall. Oh, no wonder I will be hit! At this moment, I wish to squat down the red scarf! But I think of what Baker said: The difficulty is a strict teacher, don't give up at any time. Yes, blind people can never reveal the "black yarn" in front of them. In their world, the spring of seeing the flying dance is just an endless illusion of unreachable. I thought of this and I regained my strength. So I touched the edge of the table. I slowly stretched out my arm, ah! I touched it! This thin must be a magazine! I ecstatically grabbed it Wholesale Cigarettes, hugged it like a hen egg Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and I was afraid that it would fall to the ground without a shadow Because my two hands were "occupied", I could only rely on my ankles! I slowly moved forward, and finally I came across the bedside table. I pulled the top layer and stuffed the magazine into the first thing. End. I sighed and rejoiced that I was very sound Cheap Cigarettes, and I also regretted the second thing for the blind: you will be shocked when you see it here! To be honest, this is indeed a challenge for me because of squinting I��m playing it all right! Hey, this time it��s really a rescuing thing. I fumbled for volleyball and kicked it to the wall. I throw the ball hard against the wall and pick up my arm. "Ah!" I made a heartbreaking cry. I might have missed it so much that the volleyball fell to the ground, and the hands were hitting the wall, but I was not discouraged, but picked up the ball and repeated it. After playing a few round trips, I was panting and sweating. Because I spend too much time on the ball, I picked up the ball again and again, throwing the ball on the wall again and again, and the ball fell again and again. After I worked tirelessly, I finally got five rounds of the ball against the wall in the dark. Ah! It��s not easy for the blind to end the experience. I struggled to tear off the red scarf. I felt that the world is so beautiful. I will not sneer at the blind people in the future. I will definitely understand them and let them spend a lifetime in the shower of friendship. .
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