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Takasugi Satomi
Takasugi Satomi/高杉さと美

Date of birth: 1985.07.11
Born: Tokyo
Favorites: Cooking, Painting & Photography
Attracting everything in sight with her unique artistry, angelic allure and vocal intensity, she brings the listeners to a healing aura. This is just the start to lead the people with her refined sensitivity, not just as a woman, but as an artist.

She is the answer to AVEX's history to be recognized to have both aspects of futuristic and nostalgic features. AVEX was fast to realize her charming talents and ready to introduce the long awaited artist into the new era.

Her debut single "Tabibito", released in 2007.06.06, was selected as the image song of the film, "Saiyuki". It ranked at number 10 in her first appearance on Oricon chart. This is an outstanding record for a new comer. She strongly starts her career as an artist by getting power play for 22 radio stations in Japan.

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