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Kubota, Toshinobu
久保田 利伸 / Toshinobu Kubota (Vocals)
From_Shizuoka-ken / Japan
Since his debut single "Downtown Broken-hearted" in 1986, a musical pioneer and stylist, Toshi has set a fresh new tone in Japanese pop music attracting people with his highly original musicality, quality songs, exceptional singing ability and great sense of rhythm. His numerous hits over the years have become classics and also favorites in Karaoke bars.
Toshi produces and directs himself and his new challenges in the studio have been often emulated by other artists. His refined live performances are highly reputed as a nonpareil experience of joy and thrill. Aside from his own productions, Toshi is a true professional and well-balanced song writer for TV dramas, films, commercials, and even the Olympics, and his work continues to amaze people. By now (1986-2005) Toshi has released 10 albums and 4 best albums (entitled The Baddest series). With each album, boasting both timely and timeless qualities, he has steadily accumulated a following
To enhance his music, he started recording abroad in 1988, mainly in the United States using American musicians. Gradually shifting his creative base to the States and harboring an aspiration to sing to the world, in 1993 he moved to New York.
In 1995 Toshi began his dual life across the Pacific with the release of his first international album from American Columbia Records, launching into a career as a new solo artist in the U.S. In 1996, after a one year absence, the single "La La La Love Song" released in Japan became a two million seller occupying every chart. The album released the same year also became a "million selling record". In 1998 Toshi signed with American Epic Label and in July 2000, after one year of production, his second international album Nothing But Your Love was released in the U.S., a tout de force born from his broad exchange and friendship with famed U.S. producers and artists. Live showcases for Epic conventions in five major U.S. cities followed
In September of the same year, after a four year hiatus in the domestic market, a Japanese album As One was released. With one domestic and one international album under his belt he launched a coast-to-coast tour of Japan (37 concerts) in November. Although he had not been to some cities for seven long years, the tour was a big success and his increasingly magnanimous command on the stage with his usual protean voice and humor captured audiences everywhere.
In July 2002, a unique compilation album for Black music lovers consisting of songs that avoided the charts, selected by Toshi, was released. This limited edition album also included a newly written short story by popular writer Emi Yamada and drew alot of attention.
In December 2003, his first Christmas song "Our Christmas" was released.
In September 2004, his third international album Time to Share was released
Since his debut, Toshi's forthright and elastic personality remains the same and continues to be loved by his fans. His long lasting weekly radio program "Planet Flava" on Tokyo FM and other national networks has a strong following with his frank and friendly talk. Despite his long successful career, his antenna is always keen and high for the world, which is well reflected in the music that continues to attract his old and new generations of supporters alike.

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