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Death Rabbits
Name: Yuzu Ookawa
Nickname: Yuzu
Birthday: 2000/12/24

Name: Emi Mochizuki
Nickname: Emi
Birthday: 2002/01/05

Name: Karin Yasui
Nickname: Karin
Birthday: 2000/08/19

Name: Akira Kanzaki
Nickname: Buchou
Birthday: 1978/01/07
Bucho (manager) Kanzaki at G-angel Records was a producer helping 3 junior high school students who dreamed of succeeding as idols, yet he misunderstood the idol situation and said, "in order to survive this era of idol conflict, I have to rise up and do something!". And with his special death voice and hardcore sound as a weapon he formed a new unit!

This collaboration between the fully armed Bucho, who is a man aged around 40 and 190cm tall, and junior high school idols is truly something to leave people scratching their heads!

Witness a farcical performance unfolding on the stage of hotly contested idols!

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