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Yamaoka Akira
AKIRA YAMAOKA 山岡 晃 Yamaoka Akira
Worker in the videogame industry, plays guitar, keyboard and makes music arrangements.
Mainly famous for his work in the Silent Hill saga, he has never stopped there and always wants to improve, getting involved in all kinds of projects.
Date of birth: February 6th, 1968
Hometown: Niigata, Japan
•1991: Smart Ball
•1994: Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2
•1994: Snatcher
•1996: Gradius Deluxe Pack
•1996: Lightning Legend: Daigo no Daibouken
•1996: Speed King (PlayStation version)
•1997: International Superstar Soccer Pro
•1997: Poy Poy
•1998: Kensei: Sacred Fist
•1998: International Superstar Soccer Pro '98
•1999: Silent Hill
•2000: Gradius III and IV
•2001: Silent Hill 2
•2002: Contra: Shattered Soldier
•2003: Silent Hill 3
•2004: Rumble Roses
•2004: Silent Hill 4: The room
•2006: iFuturelist (solo album)
•2006: Silent Hill (movie)
•2006: Rumble Roses XX
•2007: Silent Hill Origins
•2008: Silent Hill Homecoming
•2009: Silent Hill Shattered Memories
•2010: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
•2011: Play for Japan: The Album (CD, one of the several contributors)
•2011: Shadows of the Damned
•2011: Rebuild of Evangelion: Sound Impact
•2011: Sdatcher (radio drama)
•2012: Sine Mora
•2012: Lollipop Chainsaw
•2012: Silent Hill Book of Memories
•2012: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (movie)
Live appearances:
•2006 Chicago PLAY! Concert
•2006 Sydney Opera House PLAY! Concert
•2007 Sweden PLAY! Concert
•2009 Taiwan VGL Concert
•2009 Japan Tokyo VGL Concert
•2010 Japan Blue Note Chic ( w/Nile Rodgers) Guest Guitarlist
•2010 Mexico Campus Party Speaker
•2010 Brazil Sao Paulo/Rio De Janeiro VGL Concert
•2010 San Francisco GDC Speaker
•2011 Paris Japan Expo Live Concert
•2011 Taiwan「Golden Music Award」Presenter at an award ceremony
•2011 Poland Łódź 「International Festival of Comics and Games」 Live with Cool Kids of Death
•2011 Saudi Arabia Riyadh TGXPO Speaker
•2012 Mexico Campus Party Speaker
•2012 Los Angeles VGL Concert
•2012 Paris No Life TV 5years Festival
•2012 Colombia Campus Party cpco5 Speaker
•2012 Spain Ubeda PlayFest Concert
•2012 Alizona Saboten con Concert
•2012 Mexico VCONCERT

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