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Name: 砂月-SATSUKI-
Part: Vocalist

Official Twitter:
As a vocalist 砂月-SATSUKI- has longt been active in- and outside Japan.
He has participate in Visual-kei events all over the country and has also stood on been active as an actor in plays and movies.
In 2012, 砂月-SATSUKI- visited six countries for nine performances all over Europe during his tour. He has also previously participated in international japan-culture events such as Japan Expo in France and the American conventions Oni-Conm Anime Next and Pacific Media Expo.

Moreover, in 2011 砂月-SATSUKI- has also been in charge for the theme song of the PSP Otome game "AMNESIA", which has also been released as an anime.
KISAKI PROJECT feat.砂月-SATSUKI- is also among his most recent activities.

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