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Part: Vocal
Birthday: 04/02
Blood Type: B

Part: Guitar
Birthday: 09/05
Blood Type: B

-- Chobi
Part: Bass
Birthday: 12/04
Blood Type: O

-- satoshi
Part: Drums
Birthday: 10/09
Blood Type: "Kuwagata"

DIV are a ROCK band consisting of CHISA (Vo.), Shogo (Gu.), Chobi (Ba.) and satoshi (dr.). Having formed in 2011, they are focused on the play between guitarist Shogo and bassist Chobi as their founding members and while in the V-kei scene many bands have synchronized sounds, the element is rarely used in ROCK..
While having played at an event, the two members met vocalist CHISA and being persuaded by the attraction of their talent, he was added to the band.

After that, the band members met drummer satoshi, who had been active as a support drummer for a different band, and the DIV members falling in love with his passionate skills, he joined the group and the four of them started their band activities.
Until the official announcement, Shogo, Chobi and satoshi, had continued their session band "Kikakumono", with constantly changing vocalists. In December they performance live eventually and "DIV" finally showed their full appearance.

From March 5th 2012 they had started a count down on the official site, with which they announced their mini album released on April 25th and their live performance prior on April 13th.
The members say that the songs, in which's making all of them are participating, are nothing to be thrown away easily, but meant to be something that is left for the world afterwards.

DIV's dream is a big one. They want to create a show that anyone can enjoy as entertainment, perform at large stages and would like to grow into a successful band with the support of their fans. With and intensity to be felt on the skin, they would like to have many, many people get involved with them, as they continue to pursue this goal.

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