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Ostatnio uaktualnione:

-- Yui
Part: Vocal
Birthday: 03/18
Blood Type: AB

-- mio
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 11/24
Blood Type: B

-- LiN
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 02/14
Blood Type: don't know

-- Haku
Part: Bass
Birthday: 06/25
Blood Type: well..

-- Yukimi
Part: Drums
Birthday: 04/19
Blood Type: B
Having formed in March 2011, UNiTE are focusing their sound of hard, yet colorful phrases with their twin-guitars and take in various music genres. Within the one year since their formation, it has become referred to as the "UNiTE Tune".

From their first live performance on, UNiTE have been focusing on the metropolitan area of Tokyo along with a constant stream of releases. In June 2011 they have released their first single "U-smeh-", which topped the ORICON indies charts, while they also released their first mini-album "STARTiNG OVER'S", which ranked within the TOP 40 of the overall ORICON charts.
UNiTE's single "Yakusoku" also ranked within the general ORICON single charts within the TOP 30, making their entry at position 29.

Since the young band started their live performances, they have performed more than 70 lives in the short period of time, with their first one man performance, being held at Shibuya O-WEST, selling out in no time. To celebrate the band's first anniversary, UNiTE performed the "UNiTE. FIRST ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN LIVE [U&U's -ANSWER-] AT AKASAKA BLITZ", which sold out as well.

In summer 2012, UNiTE went on their first one man tour throughout the country and will finalize the tour with their first hall performance "UNiTE. ONEMAN LIVE [U&U's -meaning- ]" at Tokyo International Forum Hall C. Right before the concert scheduled for September 17th, the band is releasing the track "Io" on September 12th 2012, with a UNiTE-style catchy up-tempo tune.

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