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Golden Bomber
Vo-karu: Kiryuin Sho
Gita-: Kyan Yutaka
Be-su: Utahiroba Jun
Doramu: Darvish Kenji
Golden Bomber was founded in 2004 by vocalist Kiryuin Sho and guitarist Kyan Yutaka.
With their hilarious live performances and the high-quality songs composed by the prodigy, Kiryuin Sho, they stand out as the ultimate air band.

In 2005, Golden Bomber released a new single every month for 5 consecutive months, such as "Dakishimete Schwarz", "Motokare Korosu", "Trauma Kyabajo",ect., each selling over 3000 copies, though the band was still indies.

On January 1st 2009, they released a mini concept-album, "Imitation Gold ~Kinbaku no Meikyoku Niban Shibori~". The "Niban Shibori" album - also called new single - was streamed on NACK5, FM802, etc., and became a huge hit on YouTube and NicoNico Douga.
In June, they released a song called "Time Machine ga Hoshii yo", which became the ending theme of the Playstation 2 game "Skip Beat!", based on the popular shoujo manga "Skip Beat!" (published in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine).
In July, they produced a movie called "Sorinokoshita Natsu", which the members not only starred in, but also scripted, directed, shot and edited themselves. Subsequently, they held the movie's screening and made it into a DVD.
On that same day, they also released an original soundtrack for "Sorinokoshita Natsu".
The single "Memeshikute" ht the shelves on October 21st 2009, entered Oricon's Original Chart in 77th place, and ranked 4th on the Indies Chart.
Over the span of 2009, the band also held a one-man live at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE on the first Sunday of every month for 12 months consecutively, all of them sold-out from September onward.
At the same time, the band became more and more active in the scene as they toured the 47 prefectures, etc.

In 2010, Golden Bomber released a new song for 12 consecutive months through, thus stealing the top of the charts every month.
In continuation from 2009, they launched another 12-months consecutive one-man campaign, visiting the cities of Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo once every 3 months throughout the year. All shows were sold-out on the same day the tickets went on sale.
On NicoNico Douga, the band's Gachapin movie and the "Memeshikute" single's PV got over one million views, and their one-man live was broadcasted live. No one else had done this before them.
The Golden Bomber's first, dreaded, nation-wide one-man tour, "One-man kowaii", started in April 2010 and included 15 shows across the country, plus 1 additional performance. Almost all shows were sold-out.
On July 21st, they released "Golden Hour ~Kamihanki Best 2010~", which included the 6 songs originally available on during the first half of their 12-months consecutive digital release campaign. It ranked 3rd on TOWER RECORDS's Weekly Chart, and entered in 14th position on Oricon's Original Chart.
On October 6th, the song "Mata Kimi ni Bango o Kikenakatta", distributed on during the month of August, was released again as a single, making it their first single for the year 2010.

(Trans: Regine)

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