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Name: Mizca
Birthday: 1986/8/14
Height: 154 cm
Shoe Size: 22.5 cm
Blood Type: B
Home: Aichi Prefecture, Toyota City
Hobbies: Making sweets, spacing out, looking for furniture, rearranging the room, watching movies, going to the beach
Special Skill: nail art, writing poems, doing things at her own pace

With the genius creator "pal@pop" introduced to be her producer, Mizca is a new icon who suddenly appeared in the electro scene and made the dance floor excited without a doubt.
As an artist to embody pop-elements, combined with a distinct cute in her songs, Mizca released her digital single "Robotics", with its highly infectious sound, on October 28th 2009 on mobile download site Recochoku only

On January 20th 2010, she made her CD debut with the song "KIRA KIRA", graduating for the first time from the electro genre, which caught the attention of a variety of media.
On June 2nd Mizca released her sorrowful electro song "DAME YO" as her second single! Fans who bought the CD could participate in the "O Shikari Campaign (lit.Being Scolded Campaign)" or the "DAME YO-Kai (lit. No Good Meeting)" as some of the unusual events following the release.

Moreover, Mizca has been awarded the title "Deco Queen" by decoration specialist "Deco&Deco" and became known as the "Deco Singer".
Microphone, microphone-stand and ear pieces are all decorated by her. As a valued talent and singer she has become a hot topic these days.

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