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Birth : December 9th
Sign : Sagittarius
Blood type : A
Height 153cm
Though debuting as a member of a group, with the desire to express the music within herself, OLIVIA debuted as a solo artist in 1999.
Becoming a songwriter around this time, she released her third single in October of the same year - "Dear Angel" which she wrote. She followed this with three more singles "Dress Me Up" "Dekinai" and "Color Of Your Spoon" along with the album "Synchronicity." While worrying about how much she can properly express herself in Japanese, she released two more singles "Sea Me" and "Into The Stars." With her desire to properly relay her message though words, in 2003 she rewrote her past released with English lyrics and put together the album "Internal Bleeding Strawberry" as a Tower Records limited release. The week of the release, the album came in second place to Ringo Shiina's album on the Tower Record Charts.
And in 2003, starting with "Internal Bleeding Strawberry," She released 3 full English lyric Tower Record limited release mini albums which were all self produced (along with her brother Jeffrey Lufkin):
"Melly & Hell Go Round (2003/06/27)"
"Comatose Bunny Butcher (2003/09/12)"
"The Return of the Chlorophyll Bunny (2003/12/03)"
Spacing out each release by a period of three months.
In 2004, a full album "The Lost Lolli" was released Japan-wide containing 13 songs picked out of the four mini albums. During the release week, all four of her mini albums along with the full album ranked in on the Tower Records Best 50 chart.
Influenced by artists such as Marilyn Manson, NINE INCH NAILS, Daisey Chainsaw, OLIVIA creates a unique world of gothic sound based dreamy rock.

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