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~AMIDA Monogatari~

A long, long time ago in a small village called PUNK there lived a sort of punkish guy and a punkish girl. The guy went moshing at the live houses while the girl went out for crowd surfing at outdoor festivals.
On the way home, the girl walked along the river side, when she passed by a floating guitar.

[Oh! This will be a lot of fun, if I bring it for my mate!]
The girl rejoiced and took the guitar home.
At home, to try and play the guitar, the guy plugged it into an amp and both of them enjoyed the great sound they were making with each chord until a joyful little boy came jumping out from inside the guitar.

[I am sure he has been sent to us by the great god of PUNK]
The girl and the guy, who did not have children themselves, exclaimed in joy!
The little boy, who had come out of the guitar was named SOTARO by the both of them.
The boy grew quickly and his guitar skills were superb.
Moreover, he was a great singer, too!

One day, SOTARO said:
[I will go to TOKIO and form a band!]
And with an old guitar, a bass and a drum set, he was send off with a van to TOKIO.
On his way to the big city, he came across REIJI, the grouchy dog.

[SOTARO, where are you going?]
[I'm going to TOKIO to form a band!]
[That's why you need a drummer, I see! I'm going to go with you!]
And just like this REIJI (the grouchy dog) came to join SOTARO.
Not long there after, the two of them, met ACCHI, the grouchy ape!
[SOTARO, where are you going?]
[I'm going to TOKIO to form a band]

[Let me be your guitarist! I am sure, I'm the better guitarist!]
SOTARO, who did not have much faith in his own skills, was of course welcoming him eagerly!
And as the three of them continued on the path, they came across TADASUKE, the grouchy pheasant.

[SOTARO, where are you heading?]
[I am going to TOKIO to form a band!!]
[Then let me be our bassist! Because it looks like that's the only thing left...]
And this is how REIJI (the grouchy dog), ACCHI(the grouchy ape) and TADASUKE (the grouchy pheasant), became the loyal friends of SOTARO and together they made their way to TOKIO.
And in TOKIO, they were trying to become and be playing as a full-fledged band.

COOL as they thought they were, they tried to bluff the Life House Owner into believing them!
[Please, let us play on your stage!] They pleaded.
[What's your band's name? And let me listen you your songs first!] The demonic Live House owner said.
The four of them then understood, that they can't start without having a band name or a demo tape at hand. Without thinking much about it they named themselves AMIDAADDICT and recorded 4 Songs for a single called [Squall].

Having inherited the Punk Spirit and the natural Pop Sense from the girl and the guy, the band showed those 4 songs, which mold these two elements together, to the Demon-Live House Owner and he had to give up.

This is how the story of AMIDAADDICT and their band activities around the TOKIO Live Houses started. Yet, before they could be returning to the countryside to the girl and the guy, the band wanted to work on an album and be just a little successful with it!

With the resolution of making songs and doing lives by the means of drinking, looking at it superficially, it did seem like the 4 of them were only fooling around.
However, just like that, they eventually completed the amazing [OGRE EXTERMINATION=鬼退治] with the help of a guy named Itaria Asia (a.k.a. Mario).

And on they went on and on, living happily ever after...

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