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BREAKERZ is a band which consists of DAIGO, a popular vocalist, AKIHIDE, a guitarist who plays delicate pitch sounds and shows unique performances on stages, and SHINPEI, a guitarist who performs aggressively and powerfully. With the very first album 『BREAKERZ』on July 2007, they have been actively involved in release events and live tours. The 5th single『Bverlasting Luv/BAMBINO~バンビーノ~』released on April ranked in the 2nd on the Oricon Chart, and a new single 『光』/Hikari released on July 15 was made out of their love to fans who have supported them. Tickets of 7 shows in 6 different places of the Zepp tour held on December last year were all sold out, and they also finished their Japan tour (10 shows in 9 places) successfully. Now BREAKERZ celebrates their 2nd year on July and will perform at Nihon Budokan, a dream stage for them.

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