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They've captured the world's attention, been watched on YouTube a million times! This dream-team of dancers have already achieved success worldwide.

Last November they were widely reported on in the Reuters, and they shined as they took 2nd place at the at the Red Bull 2009 world break-dance championship in France. Continually gaining titles in dance battles across the world, their previous YouTube videos have been accessed over a million times! The entire world has their eyes on

TAISUKE of the B-BOYS has appeared on "SMAPxSMAP" and on "Waratteiitomo".
KITE won the world popping competition STREET DANCE KEMP in Czechoslovakia, and in March 2009 he went and broke the boundaries at a world popping competition in France.
And MG created a lot of movement with the legendary breaking crew BRONX.
YOHEY of the 4-member PaniCrew celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their initial TOP 10 breakout on the singles chart.

Each belonging to separate groups, and achieving success across the world, together they are a powerful dream team.

Don't forget Columbia graduate, pianist DAIGO.
And SHOWTA, guitarist and vocalist who was enrolled at a local Nagoya school where no middle-school or high-school students were in any popular bands.

These 6 guys came together and, fusing rock sounds and old-school dance, they are a rare group no matter where they go.

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