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Kato Kazuki
Kato Kazuki
Date of birth: 1984/10/07
Place of Birth: Ehime Ken
Blood type: A
Height: 181 cms
In summer 2005, Kato Kazuki portrayed the role of "Atobe Keigo" in the popular musical "Prince of Tennis" when he came into the limelight. On April 26th, 2006 his debuted with a mini album entitled "Rough Diamond". His first single, "Vampire" was released in October and it debuted at number 16 on the Oricon charts. After that he started a nation wide tour in Fukuoka city entitled, "Kazuki Kato Live "GIG" 2006 GLAMOROUS ATTACK TOUR" with the tour final at Tokyo's Shibuya-AX for two days.

During February 2007 his second single, "Soba ni ite" was released with an entry rank of 16 on the Oricon chart. During the same year, his first full album "Face" was released and Kato Kazuki set out on his second nation wide tour, "Kazuki Kato Live "GIG" 2007 ~FACE~ TOUR" and when he wanted to do a hall concert, the final was at C.C. Lemon hall.

In July he transfered labels to Avex Entertainment where he released his third single, "instinctive love" ranked number 9 on the Oricon charts. Continuing into October, his fourth single "Impure love" reached number 8 in the Oricon rankings.

"in LOVE" his second full album was released in January 2008. For a third time there was a nation-wide tour, this time entitled "Kazuki Kato Live "GIG" Tour-in LOVE" featured his two year anniversary on April 28th at his Nippon Budoukan debut. After that, the fourth nation wide tour "Fighting Road TOUR" and energetic releases and live activities. He plans to release his first single on Pony Canyon, "Venom" during March, 2009.

In his acting facet, he performed as Rider Drake in "Kamen Rider Kabuto" on TV Asahi from April 2006. From October he starred as the specter in "Jigoku Shoujo".
From then he was a Television personality on the cultural broadcast, "Maberazio" which reached number one in the ratings twice during that period.

Kato Kazuki played the young designer, "Tejima Makoto" in the series "Hotaru no Hikari" which showed on Nihon TV from July 2007. From October that year, he played the everlasting hero "Kazami Shirou" on "Kamen Rider THE NEXT".

During July 2008, he was featured in, "Girara no Gyakushu" (which was invited to the Venice film festival), "HaPPY Darts" and for others. He performed in "Cafe Kichijouji" from November, and reprised his role in the "Prince of Tennis" musical from October, as well as having public performances in Taiwan and South Korea.

In February 2009, he will be staring in the theater production of "Wana" and from March his film "Koi Goku Hoshi" will be released to the public.

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