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Mother Ninja
Formed in 2007 when vocalist "Akico" and MC "Geeny (日高光啓)" came together with Rapper "Mitsu", with whom they felt they shared common ideas.

Their sound, which is made up of the down-to-earth, natural feelings of 3 guys who grew up in different generations, offers excellent music not only for dance floors, but also to live with day by day.
Mother Ninja is currently performing actively!

Aural Vampire: There is no biography, only profile
Aural Vampire is an industrial band formed by blood-sucking vocalist EXO-CHIKA and masked DJ RAVEMAN. They express things like the violence and sexual energy of horror movies from the 70s and 80s through strange electric sounds and emotional melodies. They have long blond hair and wear fangs and masks with impressive gothic clothes, and some call their style Electro-Gothic-Pop.
In 2004, Aural Vampire released an indie album "Vampire Ecstasy" followed by a downloadable free single "デスフォルダ / DEATH FOLDER" in 2005. The releases immediately earned them attention from around the world, and they were on the cover of a German gothic magazine called "AstanMagazine" twice. Aural Vampire often goes on world tours to America and Europe, always upholding their mysterious image wherever they are. According to their official MySpace profile, Aural Vampire is ranked high in domestic charts and the industrial rock charts. They also played at the "GMT2008" music event at Tokyo Game Show, and at "Myspace Japan's 2nd Anniversary". They have released a series of download-only tracks available through iTunes since 2008.

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