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Vocal: Midori
Songwriting & Sound producing: Yokemura
Film: Nakamura
YMCK is an 8bit music unit consisting of 3 members. Their 1st album, 'Family Music', was released in 2004 and became a big hit record. Their 8 bit sound became popular among people of all age groups.
They appeared not only in Japan, but also in many festivals and events in Sweden, Holland, US, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. Their unique performances, linked with movies, received a high evaluation worldwide.
Besides CD releases, they offer songs, videos, remixes, and also work as DJs, game sound producers and are the developers of the 8bit sound plug-in 'magical 8bit Plug'.

2003 Released the self-produced album, 'Family Music'
2004 Appeared in 'Microdisko' in Sweden
November, released 1st album 'Family Music' nationwide
2005 appeared in 'FORMOZ FESTIVAL 2005' in Taiwan
Appeared in 'FAT FESTIVAL #5" in Thailand
December released 2nd album, 'Family Racing'
2006 Appeared in 'FORMOZ FESTIVAL 2006' in Taiwan
Appeared in 'FAT FESTIVAL #6' in Thailand
Appeared in 'Blip Festival 2006' in New York
2007 Appeared in the '8th Jeonju International Film Festival' in Korea
YMCK one-man event in Seoul
Appeared in 'FAT FESTIVAL #7' in Thailand
Appeared in 'STATE-X NEW FORMS' in Holland
2008 Released 3rd album, 'Family Genesis', on January 16th
Appeared in 'Japan! Culture + hyperculture' in Washington, D.C.
Appeared in 'ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2008'

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