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Maynard: Vo. G
Blaise: Vo. G
Tax: Dr
MONKEY MAJIK is a hybrid band consisting of Canadian brothers Maynard and Blaise, and Japanese members tax and DICK.
They formed the band in 2000, and are still working mainly in Sendai. In 2006, they moved to vinyl records and released their 1st single, "fly". Their 2nd single was the theme song of the TV drama "Around The World", and it became a huge hit. In their collaboration project "MONKEY MAJIK+", they collaborated with m-flo, SEAMO, and the Yoshida brothers.
They released the single "MONKEY MAJIK × MONKEY MAJIK" in June, 2006, and cover songs of Godaigo's "Monkey majik" and "Gandara" were included on it.
After releasing their 4th album, "Sora wa Marude", they offered the songs "Kagayaku Yoru" to CHEMISTRY, and "Sonomama" to SMAP.
In 2008, they released their 8th single "Together/Akari/Fall Back", their 9th single "Aitakute/MORNING-EVENING/goin' places", their 10th single "Tada, Arigato", and their 5th full album "TIME".
During this entire time, they've been selling out all the tickets to their one-man concerts.

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