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Hometown: Fukuoka prefecture
Blood Type: O
Height: 148cm
Favorite Artists; Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige,
Michael Jackson
Outstanding Characteristics: red hair, "transistor" glamour,
has a good command of common Japanese and Hakata

JAMOSA is a vocalist born from a Japanese father and Taiwanese mother, raised with a love of music since she was a child. With her inborn abilities, she was able to join the chorus for Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" Tour in Japan at ten years old. Moving around the world, she appeared in the limelight again when she sang an insert song for the film "Little Nicky" starring Adam Sandler.
After returning to Japan, she was invited to collaborate with several artists, including Def Tech, m-flo, TERIYAKI BOYZ, SPHERE of INFLUENCE, Miss Monday, Big Ron, and DJ WHOHOKID, an official DJ of the rapper 50 cent.

Her first sojourn into singing in Japanese came with her first mini-album "Standing Strong", released in September 2005. The song "SO GOOD, SO NICE" (featuring Micro of Def Tech) topped the R&B charts of iTunes, where it remained popular for a long while afterward. She then made her major label debut with her upbeat and positive album "DREAM", after which she transferred to the avex label, citing that she wished to open a new chapter in her history with her avex debut song, "STAND UP".

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