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千紗/CHISA (Vocal)
Birthdate: 11/16/1985
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Hyogo prefecture

鈴木大輔/Suzuki Daisuke(keyboard, composer)
Birthdate: 10/27/1978
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Kanagawa prefecture

井上裕治/Inoue Yuji (Guitar)
Birthdate: 09/03/1978
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Fukushima prefecture
Chisa began doing dance performances around the Kansai area, which caught the attention of avex. Through their encouragement, she entered the avex artist academy in Tokyo on a scholarship, where she met composer Sasaki Daisuke. Their first demo tape caught the attention of Max Matsuura, who allowed them to debut with guitarist Inoue Yuji in September 2008.

Beginning with dance performances in the Kansai area, she came to Tokyo to take lessons on vocalization and acting as well as dance in 2006. After graduation, she appeared in commercials, films and musicals, debuting as an avex 20th Anniversary Big Newcomer in 2008.

Suzuki Daisuke
Making his debut as the keyboardist of pop group 'day after tomorrow' in August 2002, he released several hit songs before the band took a break in their activities to reconsider their musical directions. Beginning in 2006, Suzuki continued to compose music while traveling throughout Asia to get a feel for the music scene. During this period, he wrote songs for Chinese artists as well as Korean artist Tohoshinki. In recent years, he has been doing composition work for such artists as Koda Kumi, Nakagawa Shoko and TRF, as well as continuing work with Tohoshinki.

Inoue Yuji
Known for his ability to sing along with his own guitar accompaniment, he began to play the guitar at age 14, debuting as a professional musician at 22. Though he made his debut as a member of a group, that group broke up after just a year of activity, and he is now working as both a studio musician and support guitarist.

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