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Yamazaki, Masayoshi


Yamazaki, Masayoshi
山崎まさよし / Masayoshi Yamazaki (Vocals)

Born_1971-12-23 From_Shiga pre, Kusatsu city.

Raised_Yamaguchi pre, Hofu city
07 He was chosen in the final review at the newcomer audition of Kitty Film and awarded with a special prize.

08 He received recognition by a person in charge of music and came to Tokyo

01 He was living in Sakuragicho, Yokohama. Besides his part-time job, he performed on stage at live houses, improved his abilities with recording sessions/ live sessions and making music for commercials. He had several performances at a live house called "Yokohama-VIVRE" by playing his own demo tapes. Sometimes there were no guests. He also performed on stage at "Shinjuku-Loft" and "Shimokita-Shelter". During this time, he intensely worked as a songwriter to create his original music. Thus far, he produced songs called "One more time, One more Chance", "Sakamichi no aru Machi", "Benjamin", etc.

03 He started his own recording. He superimposed sounds bit by bit to his base song. He began to record his first album and performed quasi regularly at "Terauchi-Hendrix" for the late show in CX.
Offers on performing on-stage increased. Mainly in "Yotsuya-Four Valley", "Shibuya Egg-man", etc.
11 He started monthly live performance at "Yotsuya-Four Valley", "Minami Aoyama- Mandela"

04 He held his first one-man live at Shibuya TV junction
03 He signed a contract with Polydor Records (currently Universal Music)
09 released his debut single, "Tsukiakari ni Terasarete", which was chosen for the CM song of Saison group, "Saison Card". His catch-phrase when he debuted was, "a fellow who is superior to genius".
10 he was selected to MC in "Attack Young" (STV radio 24:00~25:00) on Tuesday. (till August in '97)
11 he accomplished his debut album and appeared on-stage for campus festivals and more.

02.25 He released his second single, "Chukaryori".
At this time he already started making his private album, "Stereo".
04.01released his debut album "Allergia no Tokkoyaku"
He held a "Pia debut review" in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Crowd was overflowing with fans.
07 he was selected to as the leading actor in the movie, "Tsuki to Cabbage", also took charge of the movie soundtrack and theme song.
He took part in a sub stage of "MEET THE WORLD BEAT '96", hosted by FM802 at the Osaka Expo Park.
He released his 3rd single, "Celery" on September 1st.
09 He was selected as the MC for "Music Gumbo" on FM802, held every Monday 22:00~24:00. (until September 98)
10 He stayed in Gunma for an on-location shooting of the movie, "Tsuki to Cabbage". During this time, he temporarily halted his music career.
10 He featured in "Shinnyuubuin Yamazaki kun" in "Sense of non-sense" for Space Shower TV.
11.04 He released his private album "Stereo".
11~12 held live performances at, "Recital of stereo new model"; 11/20 Tokyo Nissin Power Station, 12.17 Osaka Umeda- Banana Hall, 12/19 Sapporo Penny Lane 24
In December 1st, he took part in "ACT AGAINST AIDS '96" at Kobe World Anniversary Hall

07 he finished publishing "Yamazaki Tsushin" and started his official fan club, "BOOGIE HOUSE".
Movie, "Tsuki to Cabbage", road-show theatrical released at Theatrical Shinjuku, Tokyo. From then, it was wide-showed till June in many parts of the nation.
01.22 He released his 4th single, "One more time, One more chance", the theme song for the movie, "Tsuki to cabbage".
02 He starred in the magazine series, "Wataru Seken ni Anisakisu" in "What's IN?", published by Sony magazines.
From March to April, YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR '97 was held in 9 cities throughout Japan. 3/20 Nagoya-Heart Land・3/22 Hakata DRUM Be-1・3/23 Tokuyama-BOOGIE HOUSE・3/26 Obihiro-REBEL・3/27HIJACK・3/29Kumagaya-VOGUE・3/30 Kyoto Haritskeharitske・4/15 Kobe-Chicken George・4/2 Nissin Power Station
In March, he starred in the magazine series, "Yamazaki Masayoshi Syoku no Michi" in "B-PASS", published by Shinko music.
03.05 He took part in "SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 1997" at Hibiya Music Bowl.
03.08 He released his 5th single, "Adrenaline", the ending theme in Yomiuri TV Network, "Dotti no Ryori Show"
03.21 released his 2nd full album, "HOME".
06 HOME GO ROSHI tour; nine performances at 8 different places, with the accompany of members in his band, Hideo Yamagi (drums) Kitaro Nakamura (base guitar)
07 went on vacation to London for a week. This was his first overseas trip. He bought a guitar and performed on the street.
08 he took part at the summer event at 13 places throughout Japan; one of which he performed on the main stage of "MEET THE WORLD BEAT '97", hosted by FM802.
10.22 released 6th single "Hurimukanai/Gamusyara Butterfly". "Hurimukanai" was the ending theme song of TBS network, "Sekai ururun taizaiki". "Gamusyara Butterfly" was the TVCM song of Nissan PULSAR.
10~11 campus tour "Kusege" were held at 12 locations throughout Japan.
11.27 2nd private album, "Stereo 2" was released. "Pinball", one of the songs in the album was the TVCM song of Nepia.
11~ bottom line tour in '97,"Tennen Permanent" was held in 12 places and performed 15 times. The members of the band were Genta Egawa (drums) and Kitaro Nakamura (base guitar)
12.01 took part in "ACT AGAINST AIDS '97" at Osakajo Hall as an unit with Char.

02 He began to produce his music.
04.12 live performance with Kyoko and Suga Shikao as an unit "Fukumimi" in starting event in Zepp Sapporo.
03~06 ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR '98, was held in 16 places in Japan.
03.13 released 7th single "Mizu no Nai Suisou", opening theme of TBS network "CDTV"
06.08 video clip album "Ugoku Yamazaki" was released.
07 started his work.
08 played a role in TVCM of "Tabegoro Saizensen", a snack product of House Foods Corporation.
10.12 drama series, "Kiseki no Hito" (NTV every Monday 22:00~) started. He played the leading actor for the first time.
11.11 8th single "Boku ha Koko ni iru" was released, the theme song for "Kiseki no Hito". "Ouchi e Kaerou", the coupling song was the TVCM song for cream stew of House Foods Corporation.
12.23, 3rd full album "Domino" was released. "Domino", one of the songs in the album, was the ending theme of NHK "POP JAM" from January to the next year.
12~, TOUR 1998-1999 "Domino Meguri", 40 lives in 33 places in Japan. Members were Genta Eguchi (drums) and Kitaro Nakamur (base guitar)

01~02, TOUR 1998-1999 "Domino Meguri", 40 lives in 33 places in Japan.
03, he played a role in TVCM of "Curry Quick" of House Foods Corporation with Kyoko and Suga Shikao.
05, he went to America to shoot a TV program in NHK-BS2, "Yamazaki Masayoshi Mississippi wo iku~blues no densetsu wo tazunete". (broadcast in July)
05, held the first event for his fan club "BOOGIE HOUSE", "Shoshin wasuru bekarazu" , toured for 6 lives in 5 places in Japan.
05.26, analog record "Domino" was released.
06, he started to work on the 4th full album.
07.14, the first live video "DOMINO ROUND" was released. The first limited editions were sold with a figure.
07 14th, single, "Hoshi no kakera wo sagashi ni ikou Again" was released by an unit with Kyoko and Suga Shikao, an image song for the 10th anniversary of NHK-BS.
08, open air event live "Yamazaki Masayoshi in Augusta Camp'99", was held at 5 places in a country. Kyoko and Suga Shikao performed as the Special Guest and COIL performed as Opening Act. 8/7 Sapporo Geijyutsu no Morinogai Stage・ 8/15 Sendai Sports Land SUGO/SP Hiroba・8/22 Kobe 2nd Port Island Naitokusetsu Kaijyo・8/28 Yamanashi・Fuji Kyu-High Land Conifer Forest・ 9/4 Fukuoka Kai no Chudou Kaihin Koen Yagai Gekijyo 10, JFN Network FM "MITSUBISHI MOTORS presents Yamazaki Masayoshi, "PRIME SELECTION", in 35 net throughout the country, every Sunday 12:00~13:00.
10.14, 9th single "passage" released.
11.26, 4th full album, "SHEEP" was released.
12, YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 1999-2000, held in 46 places. All performances were performed solo.
12.01, took part in "ACT AGAINST AIDS '99" as HUKUMIMI in Osakajo Hall

01~02, YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 1999-2000, were held in 46 places.
02 Performed in TVCM of Kagome "Yasai Seikatsu 100". "Rokugatsu no Tegami", from his album "SHEEP" was used.
02.16, 10th single "Yawarakai Tsuki" was released. (theme song of NHK Wednesday drama "Tadaima")
02.16, Drama, "Tadaima", aired. In this drama, he played a role as himself. (NHK every Wednesday 22:00~)
02~03, "ONE KNAIGHT STAND ARENA 2000" performed 9 lives in 7 places and performed by himself. Tokyo Nihon Budoukan・3/5 Marine Messe Fukuoka・3/10 Nagoya Rainbow Hall・3/14 Sendai Miyagijen Sougou TaikukanGrandi21・3/16、17 Osakajo Hall・3/25 Hiroshima Green Marina
03, he appeared in the TVCM for Maxell, "MD&CD-R AUDIO" "Maxell DVD", "Ashita no Kaze", a new song was used.
04, JFN network FM "DAIHATSU presents Yamazaki Masayoshi no FRIDAY POWER SESSION", 35 net throughout Japan, every Friday 23:00~24:00.
04.22, took part in "COSMO EARTH CONSCIOUS ACT~We Love Music, We Love The Earth~Kyoko/Yamazaki Masayoshi/Sugashikao/COIL SPRING LIVE in Budokan" hosted by TOKYO FM. The performance of the day was broadcasted through foreign radio network from TOKYO FM/JFN.
03.31, analog record, "SHEEP" was released.
07.05, 11th single "Ashita no kaze" released, campaign image song of Maxell "ONE DISC, ONE HEART". A coupling song, "Catalog" was used in the new CM version Kagome, "Yasai Seikatsu 100", in which he appeared.
07.31, he appeared as secret guest in main stage of "MEET THE WORLD BEAT '00" hosted by FM802.
07~08 opened an air event live, "Yamazaki Masayoshi in Augusta Camp '99", held 8 lives in 7 places. 7/20 Osaka - Maishima Sports Island Uchitokusetsu Kaijyo・7/29 Nagoya - Tokoname Kaizuri Koen Tokusetsu Kaijyo・8/6 Tohoku - Appikogen Tokusetsu Kaijyo・ 8/12 Sapporo-Makomonai Open Stadium8/19、8/20 Fukuoka - Umi no Nakamichi Kaihin Koen・8/26 Nagaoka(Hokuriku)- Kokuei Echigo Tokusetsu Kaijyo・9/2 Tokyo - Kouei Showa Kinen Koennai Tokusetsu Kaijyo
09, his new song, "Te wo tsunagou" was aired as the theme song for a CM, Lion "Chaermy mild".
09.25, the first live record "ONE KNIGHT STANDS" was released as a celebration of his 5th year anniversary from his debut. At the same time, live video and DVD "ONE KNIGHT STANDS" was released.
11, he appeared in the new version of the TVCM, Maxell "MD&CD-R AUDIO" "maxell DVD". A new song, "identity crisis ~Shisyunki no Owari" was used.
In November, he stayed in America for awhile, and spent his birthday and New Year in New York.

01.09, came back from New York
01.13, he visited 6places for events for fan club "One Knight in Boogie House" until 3/9
He went to New York again, back and forward.
04.26, appeared in "Konica presents FM802 SPECIAL REVUE Naniwa Sariban Show-Imawano night-" as special guest at Osakajyo Hall
05.23 12th single, "Plastic Soul" was released (coupling song "Ai no shikumi" was used for CM Kagome Yasai Seikatsu 100
07.27, 5th full album, "Transition" was released. This album was made through sessions with musicians in New York who was introduced by his friends when he went to New York.
07.20, open air event live, "Augusta Camp 2001" (features: Kyoko/Yamazaki Masayoshi/Suga Shikao/COIL/Hazime Chitose; opening act Nokitsnezen) at Fujikyu High Land Conifer Forest 229
07.22, appeared in "MEET THE WORLD BEAT" at Osaka Banpaku Kinen Koen Momijigawa Shibafu Koen
07.28 open air live, "Augusta Camp 2001" (features: Kyoko/Yamazaki Masayoshi/Suga Shikao/COIL/Hazime Chitose; opening act Nogitsune) at Yamaguchi-ken Houfushi Chusekiwan Tokusetsu Kaijyo, his hometown.
08.05, appeared in "ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2001" at Kokuei Hitachinaka Kaihin Koen 08.11, appeared in "J-WAVE LIVE2000+1", hosted by J-WAVE, as a unit "Okuda Ymazaki" with Okuda Tamio at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijyo DaiIchi Taikukan
08.14, began his first long tour of 86 lives, "YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI TOUR 2001-2002 -transit time-" which started from Matsudo Mori no Hall. 21 until February 3rd 2002. In December 5th, live VHS/DVD, "Augusta Camp 2001", which was released in July.
12.21, DVD "DOMINO ROUND" was released. This was the DVD version of live video released in July 1999.
12~, he took charge for the CM song of Bridgestone, "WORLD POTENZA" (remake version of "Dokomademo Ikou" by Kobayashi Asei which was used as the CM song for Bridgestone in 1966)

02.03, "YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI TOUR 2001-2002 -transit time-" ends at Hokkaido Kosei Nenkin Kaikan.
02.23, Kodansya woman magazine, "Style" issued the first anniversary project "Sayoshi Yamzaki Style celebrate Special Live" at ON AIR OSAKA.
02.24, Kodansya woman magazine "Style" first issue anniversary project "Sayoshi Yamzaki Style celebrate Special Live" at Shibuya AX
04, he was selected leading role of "Kendama" which is directed by director Tetsuo Shinohara in short omnibus film "JAM FILMS". They finished all shooting in 2 days, and he took charge of sound track as well.
05.29, 2nd live album, "Transit time", live single "Shinpakusu" were released. As the limited edition issue, he released "Shimpakusu" in 9 different titles depending on the local region. Tour book, "Transit Station" was released at the same time.
07.01, appeared in "JAPANESOUL" at Osakajyo Hall
07.17, Hukumimi's single, "10 years after" was released; lyrics by Kyoko, music composition by Masayoshi Yamazaki, arrangement by Suga Shikao
07.21, appeared at the summer live in Kaminokuni with Kyoko and Yakozen
08.04, open air event live, "Augusta Camp 2002" Kyoko/Masayoshi Yamazaki/Suga Shikao/COIL/Chitose Hazime. In this year, they made a sub stage and a upcoming newcomer (Sampling Sun, Sukimaswitch, Yakozen) appeared. At Chiba Marine stadium.
08.08., appeared in "LIVE SYOCK" with Kyoko, Sukimaswitch at Zepp Sendai
08.10, appeared in "J-WAVE LIVE2000+2" with bird, Genta Egawa. He was a secret guest
08, pre-pro camp at Izu studio
08.24, appeared in "SOUND MARINA2002inSAKA~Feel The Voice2" at Sakamachi Bayside Area Nogai Tokusetsu Kaijyo
08.25 appeared in "Rock daze" at Fukuoka Marine Messe
09 huddled in room for work
09.29~10.02, went to Boston for shooting of "Forever Paul! ~The Beatles wo Kazari,Soshite kowashita Otoko Iyoiyo Raijitsu SP!! ~"
10.12, appeared in "Sanninno samurai" with Char and Tamio Okuda at Zepp Sapporo
11, took charge of CM song of Mitsubishi "COLT" (cover song OVER THE RAINBOW)
11.27, held a secret live for only 50 people for the anniversary of the breakthrough of "Yotsuyatenmado" 50000 customers
In December 8th, appeared in a talk show of Kyoko for the 10th year anniversary of solo work.
12.09 appeared in "JOHN LENNON SUPER LIVE 02" at Saitama super arena

03.19 14th single, "Zenbu, kimidatta" was released. Coupling song, "Over The Rainbow" was chosen for the CM image song of MITSUBISHI MOTORS, "COLT".
05.05, appeared in "Pre Augusta Camp" at JR Kyoto Station Konaishitsucho Koji Hiroba
05.21, 15th single "Mikansei" was released
06.25, 6th full album, "Atelier" was released
07.26, appeared in "FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 03" at Naeba Ski Jyo
07.26, appeared in "MEET THE WORLD BEAT 2003" as secret at Osaka- Banpaku Kinen Koen Momijigawa Shibafu Koen.
08.13, appeared in "MINAMI goes on ONE NITE SUMMER TIME BLUES 2003" at なんばHatch
08.16, appeared in "RISING SUN FESTIVAL 2003 in EZO" at Hokkaido- Ishikariwan Shinminato Tarukawafu Touyocono Tokusetsu Kaijyo (2 stages as Masayoshi Yamazaki and SAMURAI III)
08.23, open air event live "Augusta Camp 2003" Kyoko/Masayoshi Yamazaki/Suga Shikao/ Chitose Hazime/migu(Yuko Araki)/Yakozen/Skimaswitch/Sumplingsan at Chiba- Marine Stadium
08.30, open air event live "Augusta Camp 2003" Kyoko/Masayoshi Yamazaki/Suga Shikao/ Chitose Hazime/migu(Yuko Araki)/Yakozen/Skimaswitch/Sumplingsan at Mega Kobe(Kobe- Port Pia Island 11th Shibafu Area)
09.17, "YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 2003" started from Fuchu no Mori Geijyutsu Gekijyo Dream Hall; 49 lives in total (until December 25th, 2003)
2nd Music video collection "Yamazaki Ugoku Ugoku VIDEO CLIPS 1998-2003" in DVD, VHS released
09, "Kaze no message" aired as the campaign song of "POWER OF MUSIC" in JAPAN FM LEAGUE for 5stations.
10.22, 16th single, "Boku to Huryo to kouteide" was released. (campaign and theme song for Nippon telecom "Koeru")
12.25, "YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 2003" finished at Kanagawaken-Tami Hall. In total, 50 lives including 1 additional live were in the tour.

03.13, Meiji Nyugyou Aya Happy Blue presents Masayoshi Yamazaki secret live at Shibuya O-East.
04.07, Tokyo-FM JFN 38 network "MOTHER MUSIC RECORDS~7th Colors~" started
04.25, appeared in "Hukko no Uta" charity concert for Kobe earthquake at Kobe Bunka Hall 05.19, 17th single, "Bokurawashizukanikieteiku" (CM song for Kao h hamming) was released. DVD movie, "Bokura wa shizukani kieteiku" was in the first limited edition. Costar were Masayoshi Yamazaki played leading role and Taro Yamamoto, Maki Meguro, Yoshio Harada (Special appeared). Music by Masayoshi Yamazaki.
05.30, appeared in "Song Letters" 15th anniversary for FM802.
07.19, appeared in "Augusta Camp 2004" (with Kyoko, Suga Shikao, COIL, Skimaswitch) at Fujikyu High Land Conifer Forest
08.06, appeared in "2004 Natsu Nagasaki kara Sadamasashi~Peace Sphere Concert"
08.13, appeared in "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2004"
08.14, appeared in "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2004" as unit " SAMURAI III" with Cha and Tamio Okuda at Ishikariwan Tarukawaf u Tonogai Tokusetsu Stage
08.11, 18th single, "Biidama scope" was released.
08.21, "MONSTER baSH 2004" at Umino Chudou Kaihin Koen.
09, movie shoot, "Hachigatsu no Christmas" at Takaoka city in Toyama and Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture. He played leading role for the first time in 8 years.
09.25, fan club event "ONE NIGHT in BOOGIE HOUSE 2004" at 6 places
10, started work for music for movie "Hachigatsu no Christmas"
10.26, finished 8 performances of "ONE NIGHT in BOOGIE HOUSE 2004" at 6 places
11.18, "MUSIC meets ALOHA 2004" at Waikiki Shell in Hawaii

02, shooting for a winter movie "Hachigatsu no Christmas" and finished all shooting.
03.10, started "10th Anniversary YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 2005" from Saitamashi Bunka Center. In total, 43 lives at 43 places.
04.13, 19th single ""minuet" released; theme song for Playstation2 game soft "romancing saga-minstrel song"
04.16, "Stand By Me" aired for Kirin Lager Beer/Kirin classic Lager CM song.
06.03, 43 lives in 43 places of "10th Anniversary YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 2005" finished at Matsuyamashi Minkaikan
07. Promoted his single, "Hachigatsu no Christmas" and movie "Hachigatsu no Christmas".
08.24, 20th single "Hachigatsu no Christmas" was released. Theme song for the movie, "Hachigatsu no Christmas" and first singular sound track produced, "Hachigatsu no Christmas"(original soundtrack) were released at the same time.
09.10 "YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI in Augusta Camp 2005-10th Anniversary LIVE-" at Osaka・Izumiotsu Phoenix
09.21 Best album 2 titles released for his 10th year anniversary from debut. 2 titles; single collection "BLUE PERIOD", coupling & rare track collection "OUT OF THE BLUE"
09.23 Movie "Hachigatsu no Christmas" opened to the public at Cinema Switch Ginza. From then, released throughout Japan.
09.24"YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI in Augusta Camp 2005-10th Anniversary LIVE-" at Yokohama・Aka Brick Park Nogaitokusetsu Kaijyo
10.02 TOKYO-FM JFN 37 network "Masayoshi Yamazaki RAMBLIN'TIME" started. (Every Sunday 13:30-13:55)
10.22 Appeared in Team minus 6 percent Augusta Camp Special in OKINAWA with Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Suga Shikao, COIL, Chitose Hazime,babamania, Tabintyu at Ginowashi Kaihin Koen Nogai Gekijyo
11.11 "YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI 10th Anniversary LIVE -ARENA 2005-" from Nagoya Rainbow Hall; 8 lives in 7 places.
11, appeared in Tomeihan tour of Fishmans; FISHMANS presents "THE LONG SEASON REVUE with Kinichi Mogi, Yuzuru Kashiwagi, HONZI, Sekiguchi Darts, Shinya Kogure, Yuichi Oki, Masayoshi Ymazaki, UA, Hanaregumi, Ikuko Harada(only in Tokyo and Osaka), Tadahiro Aoi, Pokopen(only in Tokyo and Osaka), Kisel(only at Nagoya) , POD(modern dog), ASA-CHANG; 11.22 at SHIBUYA-AX, 11.25 at Nagoya Diamond Hall, 11.27Osaka/Namba Hatch
12.21 "YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI 10th Anniversary LIVE -ARENA 2005-" started from Budokan; 8 lives in 7 places.
12.31 Appeared in the annual NHK sponsored, year-end, men versus women singing contest program, performing, "One more time, One more chance" from Sakuragicho, Yokohama.

03.04 Appeared in FM Yamaguchi 20th anniversary "Future Songs" (at Yamaguchi Shimin Kaikan)
03.29 ARENA2005 live album, "WITH STRINGS" was released
04.10 "Sannin no samurai, unit of Char, Tamio Okuda, Masayoshi Yamazaki, nationwide tour ~RYOJO version~
04.10 at Kobe Kokusai Kaikan
04.12 at Kanazawa Kanko Kaikan
04.13 at Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
04.15 at Okinawa Convention Center
04.18 at Hokkaido Kouseinenkin Kaikan
05.17 Single, "Angela" was released
06.28 7th full album, "ADDRESS" was released. Aired in Asahi's "PRIME TIME" CM.
08.05 Nationwide tour, "HAND MY ADDRESS2006" started from Hachioji Shimin Kaikan; 48 lives.
08.18 Appeared in "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2006" as an unit, "Sannin no Samurai" unit with Char and Tamio Okuda
08.20 Appeared in "J-WAVE LIVE 2000+6" as both Masayoshi Yamazaki and unit "Sannin no Samurai", an unit with Char and Tamio Okuda
12.15 Nationwide tour "HAND MY ADDRESS2006" 48 lives finished at Kochi Kenmin Bunka Hall /Orenge Hall

01.31 Appeared in "Sapporo citizen hall Saigo no Hi"
03.03 "One more time, One more chance" was selected for the theme song for the series of a short animation, "Byosoku 5 centimeter", which was urgently released as a single record.
04.23 Special live at a preview party of The Yakiniku movie, "Purukogi"
04.30 Appeared in the MARTIN CLUB JAPAN presenting "Rebirth Tour 2007- Kirameki no Machi he" at SHIBUYA-AX
05.25 Appeared in Kagisuma MUSIC CONVENTION IN MIYAKO ISLAND 2007

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