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Shimatani Hitomi
Shimatani Hitomi / 島谷ひとみ
Birthday : 1980.9.4
Home : Hiroshima / 広島県
Blood type : O
Shimatani Hitomi made her debut in July 1999. From then on she has released quality songs at a steady rate.
Her laid-back style, along with her superb vocalist skills and pure, clear voice, enables her to sing all types of different songs. She attracted a lot of attention, and has sang a plethora of hit songs.
From 2002 she appeared four years in a row in 'NHK紅白歌合戦 / NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen', which takes place each year on New Year's Eve.
Recently she has started to concentrate on making 'crossovers', seeking to blend different music genres together. She was especially interested in merging pop music with classical music, and has collaborated enthusiastically with many groups/people from the classical music industry. Chief among them are the Berlin Score Orchestra (of Berlin, Germany), the Tokyo New City Orchestra, and also world-renowned conductor Soga Daisuke.

She has also worked with Iwashiro Taro, who is a famous music producer of film scores. Iwashiro wrote a few songs for her, and she also was a special guest in Iwashiro's concert called '岩代太郎×都響 SCREEN MUSIC FOREVER / Iwashiro Taro × Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra SCREEN MUSIC FOREVER'.
On September 30th and October 1st 2006, she held a concert called 'Special Live ''crossover Ⅱ''' at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Medium Hall. The hall is considered as one of the most important venues in Japan by classical music artists. From these 'crossover' projects she created a new type of POP MUSIC of her very own.
She then released the smash hits 'Destiny -太陽の花-/恋水 -tears of love- (Destiny -Taiyo no Hana- / Koimizu -tears of love)' in June 2006 and 'PASIO~パッシオ' in November of the same year. Her first single for 2007 was a rock 'n' roll song called 'Dragonfly', which was her first ever endeavor into rock music. In March she released her 6th album 'PRIMA ROSA'. During August she starred in a musical called '2万人の鼓動 TOURS ミュージカル「赤毛のアン」 / 2 mannin no Kodo TOURS Musical ''Anne of Green Gables''' as the main character Anne Shirley.
She also released two other singles in 2007; 'Neva Eva' in June, and her 26th single '深紅/愛の詩 (Shinku / Ai no Uta)' in September.
On December 5th she released the album '男歌~cover song collection~ / Otokouta~cover song collection~', which was her first album made up entirely of cover songs. From January 2008 she was a cast member in 'ユーミンソング・ミュージカル「ガールフレンズ」 / Yuming Song Musical ''Girlfriends'''. She put on a stellar performance as 'Yuko'. In March 19th 2008 she released the single '泣きたいなら / Nakitai nara'.

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