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中土居宏宜/Nakadoi Hiroki
Birth: 1985_07_26
Tall: 169cm
Born: Osaka
Blood Type: AB

谷内伸也/Taniuchi Shinya
Birth: 1987_09_23
Tall: 176cm
Born: Osaka
Blood Type: A

古屋敬多/Furuya Keita
Birth: 1988_06_13
Tall: 171cm
Born: Fukuoka
Blood Type: A

鍵本輝/Kagimoto Akira
Birth: 1988_08_20
Tall: 177cm
Born: Nara
Blood Type: O
Lead is a hip-hop dance group featuring the talents of Hiroki, Shinya, Keita and Akira. All 4 members sing and dance.
Shinya, Akira and Hiroki met at a dance school in Osaka and they started to perform on the street in April of 2002. From June, Keita, who won a Star light audition in the Kyushu area, joined the unit. They named the group Lead.
Fans started to gather more and more to their fresh and vigorous performances. By July, the number of attendees at their performances grew to 7,000.
Finally, they debuted with "Manatsu no Magic" on July 31st. That summer, they performed as an opening act for the w-inds' concert tour. For their debut event, they mobilized 15,000 people.
In August 2004, they held their first one-man concert tour "BRAND NEWERA" holding 10 concerts in 4 places. The year 2004 marked their first award, the Nihon Record Taisho Gold Award.
In 2005, they were awarded, again, the Nihon Record Taisho Gold Award for "Atarashii Kisetsu e"

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