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The 1990s was a golden age for visual-kei bands, with new names appearing one after the other and following the styles of already existing successful bands. Entering the 21st century, however, the music scene has begun to slow down, and it's becoming an age in which only the "real" bands can survive.

SOPHIA used to look like they were categorized as a visual-kei band in their early days, but they've made a big turn and established themselves as a J-pop band with a rock edge by absorbing western music, occasionally playing Mersey beats and glam rock. Some of their songs reflect vocalist Mitsuru Matsuoka's interesting sense of language as shown in "ゴキゲン鳥 / Gokigen Tori" and "赤い青春と虫けら / Akai Seishun to Mushi-kera", while others indicate that the band have paid great attention to detail in their arrangement of instruments and melodies.

If you are a rock fan and have never listened to SOPHIA, you would be surprised to see how much you've missed by having preconceptions for the band.

Vocalist Matsuoka is also starting to appear in movies and dramas as an actor.

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