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Vocal. みく / Miku
Guitar. takuya
Bass. カノン / Kanon
Keyboard. ゆうき / Yuki
Drum. 輝喜 / Teruki
They're popular among junior high and high school students. Antic-Coffeten, so called "An Café" is a dance rock group singing all over the world. They formed their band in May of 2003. They released their 1st single, "Candy-holic", and it topped the Oricon indies chart in 2004. In 2006, 7,000 fans gathered to see their live concert in Yoyogi Yagai Ongakudo. Their concert tickets at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo in April 30th, 2007 sold out on the release date. Bo, one of their guitar players left the band that same day. On May 18th 2007, they announced the joining of their new members, takuya (g.) and Yuki (keyboard). This was the start of "AN CAFÉ 2nd generation". On August 22nd, their 12th single "Kakusei Heroism ~THE HERO WITHOUT A "NAME"~" ranked within the top 20 on the Oricon major chart. Their concerts started bringing more and more people together to listen to their music. The concert attendees and fans are not only fans of Visual-kei, but also J-pop fans.

みく / Miku
Birthday: January 5th (this is a day for strawberry) / Blood type: A
Hobby: cooking, guitar, shopping, bath
Favorite food: noodle, steak, Susi, Hiroshima yaki, poke bowl
Favorite brand: LHP, JACKROSE, BVLGARI, Justin Davis, Royal Order

Birthday: February 9th / Blood type: A
Hobby: bath
Favorite food: fruits
Favorite brand: Gibson

カノン / Kanon
Birthday: July 5th / Blood type: O
Hobby: walking around Akihabara and Nakano broad way
Favorite food: Chicken ramen
Favorite brand: Vivienne Westwood, Kadokawa, Kodansha, Shueisya

ゆうき / Yuki
Birthday: August 29th
Hobby: collecting watches, watching little puppy after going to club in Roppongi
Favorite food: Sweet things, hot things, sour things
Favorite brand: D&G, BVLGARI, ROLEX

輝喜 / Teruki
Birthday: December 8th / Blood type: A
Hobby: looking back past when listening to music
Favorite food: there's lot
Favorite brand: Pearl, PAISTE

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