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Koda Kumi
Profile Kumi Koda
Kumi Koda (倖田來未)
Birthday: November 13, 1982
Hometown: Kyoto prefecture
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Shopping
Debuting in the United States before Japan, her first single "TAKE BACK" was released in November of 2000. The single hit 18th on the Billboard Dance Charts. The same song was used as her debut piece in Japan, released in December of the same year.
A remix version of her second single "Trust Your Love" was also released in the U.S., and the song ranked in at the top spot on the Billboard Dance Charts. The song also hit 19th on the general Billboard Charts on January 12th, 2001 ? making her the seventh Japanese artist to accomplish such a feat.
Her fourth album which was released on February 9th of 2005 was took the number one spot on the Oricon Daily Charts. On the weekly charts it hit third and became a long running hit album selling over 500,000 copies. Her single "Butterfly" released June 22, 2005 ranked in at number two on the Oricon Weekly charts, and stayed within the top 10 for three consecutive weeks.
Her best of album "BEST~first things~," released on September 21st, 2005, sold over 580,000 copies within its first week on the shelves, and the long selling hit album rose to the number one spot on the charts in its second week. Her live DVD release also hit the top spot on the overall charts.
She has released 4 albums, 18 singles, and 4 DVD's to this date.
The high level of her vocal talents, emotional lyrics, cute and sexy looks, and her powerful live performances that are considered top class material in Japan has resulted in attention not only from Japan, but the United States and Asia as well.

More info:
Favorite music: HIP HOP
Specialty: simmered meat and potatoes, porcini mushroom's cream pasta
Favorite words: Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur
Favorite color: green. Purple
Favorite season: summer
Essential thing: love
Favorite food: savory pancakes, 100% fruit juice
Favorite artists: Christina Aguilera, FERGIE, PINK, Beyonce
Favorite part of your body: hard part of hip
Unexpected thing to everybody: no smoking
Words that please you: "your driving is like a man's style!"
Unallowable thing: lying
Special skill: talk until go hoarse

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