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Kamiki Aya
上木彩矢/Kamiki Aya
Birth place: 1985/09/10
Hometown: Hokkaido
She started to play the classical piano at the age of 4 and started LIVE performances from junior high. She started to play the guitar influenced by punk and rock. In 2005, she released her mini album "CONSTELLATION" "ROCK ON" from the indie label. Her powerful performance built her reputation and was soon picked up in the rock magazine and fashion magazine. On 2006.03.15, she major debuted with her 1st single, "Communication Break". In 04.12, 2nd single "Pielo", cover song of B'z 2nd beat of "Yuruginai mono hitotsu" and ranked at #9 on the Oricon chart in its first appearance. On 05.31, 3rd single "Mo Kimidakeo Hanasitariwa Shinai" released. On 07.12, released her 1st album, "Secret Code". This album ranked at #5 in its first appearance on the Oricon chart. In 11.01, she released the 4th single "Nemutteita kimoti nemutteita kokoro". Her first one man live in Tokyo and Osaka tickets were all sold out.

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