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Ostatnio uaktualnione:

Moi dix Mois
Mana (guitar)
Date of birth: 05/19
Blood type: O

Seth (Vocal)

K (Guitar & Voice)
Date of birth: 02/06
Blood type: B

Sugiya (Bass)
Date of Birth: 11/07
Blood type: B

Hayato (Drums)
Date of Birth: 11/13
Blood Type: A
Sound project with Mana (G), the leader of MALICE MIZER (currently on activity pause) in charge of lyrics, composition and programming.

Moi dix Mois started on 2002/03/19, on the date of Mana's birthday. Moi dix Mois is French, and Moi means Me = Mana, dix = 10 (1 standing for « beginning », 0 standing for « forever », forming a number expressing unlimited possibilities), and dix Mois=10 months, expressing birth and beginning, coming from the 10 months that a baby grows within the body. Moi dix Mois is a story that Mana has created.

As Mana pursues on creating the music of his own, he keeps on combining the opposites such as classic and vanguard, elegance and madness, construction and destruction, creating inspiring music that has not existed before. Mana Project keeps expressing its own view of the world with the thrilling and dramatic symphonic sound of violently beautiful sadness.

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