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Hirahara Ayaka
平原綾香/Hirahara Ayaka
Birth date: 1984/05/09
Birth place: Tokyo
From the age of 6, she belonged to Matsuyama ballet group for 11 years.
When she was 13, she started to play alt sax. She majored in classic sax in junior high school.
In 2007 spring, graduated from Sensokugakuen Ongakudaigaku Jazz faculty
On 2003.12.17, she debuted with "Jupiter", a cover of suite "The planet" by Holst. (it recorded as a million seller in the summer of 2006)
The 1st album "ODYSSEY" released in 2004.12 was released in Korea at the same time. This year, she was awarded Nihon record taisho 'best new artist' award and awarded with a special award from Japan Gold disk and so on.
In 2005.01, single "Ashita" was selected as the theme song of the drama "Yasashii jikan", written by Kuramoto, for the first 15 years. In fall, she released the 1st cover album "From To". In this album, she sang great songs of J-POP mix of the old and the new.
In 2006.01, she released "Chikai", a theme song of Trino Olympic game on NHK. In March, released the album "4 tsu no L". In her 2nd nationwide tour, tickets were SOLD OUT. And she also performed at the Budokan. In winter of 2006, she released the first Christmas album "CHRISTMAS LIST". At the end of 2006, released her digital single "Kansha", and in 2007.01.31, she released the 5th album "Sora". From April, she started her 3rd nationwide tour "Hirahara Ayaka Concert Tour 2007 Sora".

Hobby: chat with interesting people, hot spring, tea
Special skill: train dogs, butterfly, mere form of Ina bauer, wings on my back
Favorite films: "Forrest Gump", "Monsters Inc.", "Howl's Moving Castle", works of studio Ghibli, previews of Film
Country she wants to visit: Egypt, France
Favorite words: "Ichi Fuji, ni taka, san Gorie" (Gorie appeared in my first dream of the new year) "you can't judge a book by its cover", "We don't need training wheels to music"
Favorite things: Cross
Aim of the year: rush recklessly, again

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