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ファンキー加藤/Funky Kato
Birth date: 1978/12/18
Birth place: Hachioji, Tokyo
Nickname: funky
Hobby: matching rhyming words, shopping
Special skills: knowledge of pro wrestling (favorite book: Shukan Pro-wrestling), imitation with enthusiasm
Favorite food: curry, noodle
Favorite movie, book: movie starring Jackie Chan, One-Piece

Birth date: 1979/02/17
Birth place: Hachioji, Tokyo
Nickname: Mon-chan
Hobby: playing around river, shore, forest bath
Special skills: long jump
Favorite food: curry, noodle, Gyoza
Favorite movie, book: Star-trek, Survival movie, Naruto, One-Piece

DJケミカル/DJ chemical
Birth date: 1982/05/13
Birth place: Hachioji, Tokyo
Nickname: chemical
Hobby: tramping, fishing, visiting tropical fish shop and botanic garden
Special skills: Buddhist sutra, inspiration, chirography from 4th grade, karate from 1st grade
Favorite food: Indian curry, life card, race ball
A hip-hop unit of 2 MCs and 1 DJ created in 2004. Members were playing music individually in Hachioji.
In 2004, they were invited to Lille, France by a French event producer, who saw their live incidentally. First live abroad for 2 days.
In 2005.03, they won the 2nd prize of listener award in the audition corner of FM radio. In September, they appeared in "B-BOY PARK". They joined DJ KOHNO (from Ketsumeishi) & DJ TATSUTA edited compilation CD "JOY RIDE".
In 2006.01, major debuted with "Sonomanma higashi e". Released 2nd single "Koi no katamichi kippu", 3rd single "ALWAYS", and in July, they released 1st album "Funky Monkey Babys"
4th single "Lovin' Life", released in 2007.01, recorded long sales and ranked at many sales chart in first half of the year.
In 2007.03, they released 5th single "Tippokena yuki". Their hot and hard live performance attracts more and more fans!!

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