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KUMI (vocal, guitar)
NAOKI (guitars, Bass guitars & Keyboards)
In April of 2004, they debuted with "LADY MADONNA ~yuutsunaru spider" and we can't forget their impact on mass media. Everybody used the words "DELICO SOUNDS" for their sounds, NAOKI's unforgettable riff and KUMI's unique and massive vocal style with natural Japanese and English lyrics. 1st album "THE GREATEST HITS", 2nd album "LOVE PSYCHEDELIC ORCHESTRA", 3rd album "LOVE PSYCHEDELICO Ⅲ", 4th album "Early Times~The Best of LOVE PSYCHEDELICO", all these album became a record long seller.
In November of 2004, they succeeded their first Asia one-man tour (South Korea, Hong Kong) and Taiwan in 2005. They also succeeded the first Budokan live in May, 2005. In December, they released the full-fledged live DVD "IN CONCERT AT BUDOKAN".
They expanded their activity not only in Japan but in Asia, US and Europe so on.

KUMI (vocal, guitar)
Date of birth: 1976_04_11
Blood type: O
Born at: Tokyo-prefecture
Hobby: trip

NAOKI (guitars, Bass guitars & Keyboards)
Date of birth: 1973_07_21
Blood type: O
Born at: Shizuoka-prefecture
Hobby: Painting

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