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Plastic Tree
Arimura, Ryutaro
Part: Vocal
Birthday: March 6
Blood Type: AB

Nakayama, Akira
Part: Guitar
Birthday: January 16
Blood Type: A

Hasegawa, Tadashi
Part: Bass
Birthday: November 16
Blood Type: O

Sato KenKen
Part: Drum
Birthday: January 8
Blood Type: ?
Gradually attracted many fans with the band's unique view of the world. In June 1997, major debuted with 'Kowareta Mado'. The 5th single 'Sink', released in 1999 turned out to be smash hit opening up the existence of band. Since then they kept up their aggressive and unique work, and released 10 albums and 21 singles. They continue to fascinate fans with their strong views, various musical talent from rock to j-pop and expressive lyrics. Plastic Tree is the band that could express their style as the Japanese Rock band.

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