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Ostatnio uaktualnione:

Birthday: May 20

Guitar & Violin. SUGIZO
Birthday: July 8

Guitar. INORAN
Birthday: September 29

Bass. J
Birthday: August 12

Birthday: January 13
With a powerful presence that remains from their indie years, along with their rise to legendary status after their debut with a major label, Luna Sea is a band that has come to represent a whole era of music.

Ryuichi (Vocals), Sugizo (Guitar & Violin), Inoran (Guitar), J (Bass), and Shinya (Drums), started their careers in Machida City, Tokyo in 1989. In 1991, they debuted with the indie label, Ecstasy Records, with their self-titled album "Luna Sea". In 1992 they debuted but this time with a major label, releasing their album "Image". The following year, with the release of their first single, "Believe", their popularity increased as they secured a show at the famed Nihon Budokan. With the release of their long-time hit and 3rd single, "Rosier", it immediately took the No. 3 position on the Oricon charts and propelled Luna Sea to the top of the music scene.

The hits continued with singles such as "True Blue" and "Desire". Their shows brought many passionate fans made up of mostly teenage girls and in 1995 the band performed their first-ever show at the Tokyo Dome. With 50,000 people in attendance, Luna Sea's popularity was confirmed.

Luna Sea took a one year hiatus in 1996, allowing its members to work on solo projects. In 1998, they reemerged from their break with the release of their first single, "Storm", introducing a new, more pop-orientated style of rock while retaining their characteristically melodious and majestic musical palette. In the song, "I For You", the band cultivated a new frontier of the dramatic ballad and acquired a spot on NHK's esteemed New Year's Eve Red & White Music Festival, which was also chosen as the theme song for a TV drama.

In November of 2000, Luna Sea announced the end of their activities. The band performed two successful shows on December 26th and 27th at the Tokyo Dome. Their "best of" album containing songs picked by their fan club "Slave" became the last album of the 20th century to secure the top spot on the Oricon chart.

Despite the band's indefinite break-up, its members have continued to work together. On the eve of Christmas, 2007, Luna Sea performed a one-night reunion show at Tokyo Dome. 55,000 tickets put up for sale were sold out in 5 minutes. This achievement, now popular legend, continues to reverberate even today.

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