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Part: Vocal
Birthday: 3/2
Blood Type: B
Cigarettes: -
Color: Black, Red, Green
Perfume: Samurai WOMAN

Part: Gruitar
Birthday: 12/7
Blood Type: O
Cigarettes: Seven Stars
Color: Black
Perfume: ?

Part: Bass
Birthday: 7/31
Blood Type: O
Cigarettes: LARK
Color: Purple, Black
Perfume: Bvlgari Blv Pour Homn

Part: Drums
Birthday: 3/6
Blood Type: B
Cigarettes: LUCKY STRIKE
Color: Black, Reddish-brown
Perfume: ANNASUI
D'espairsRay was formed on September 9th, 1999.
Lyrics by HIZUMI,
Composition by Karyu,
Organized by TSUKASA.

Soon after they were founded, they played as an indieband, rather than as a band on the mainstream market. Establishing their career as musicians, they createdan atmosphere that attracted many fans. In 2003, theywere contracted to SWEET CHILD, an enormous musicbureau where many visual musicians cooperate.
Afterwards, they transferred to the SWORD RECORDS bureau. Their debut in foreign countries was early, compared to others. They held their first concert abroad in 2004 where D'espairsRay held a tour through Europe and the U.S.A with the famous Kagerou. They thrilled many fans.
Their 2008 Live in the U.S.A is yet to be determined.

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