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March 2007, led by KAMIJO (ex. LAREINE) and HIZAKI (ex. SULFURIC ACID), bass Jasmine You, guitar TERU from Aikaryu, and YUKI from the drama recommended by Roho Live House Meguro Rokumeikann took part in the solo project "HIZAKI grace project" of HIZAKI and founded the Versailles.

From last autumn, KAMIJO and HIZAKI had been promoting their plan to find a new band, which cost them nearly half a year to find competent members. The concept of the new band was described as, "absolute perfect style of sound and extreme aestheticism". In the emotional and violent rhythm by twin guitars twisting like the thorns of roses, the story of "final descendant of rose" was to be narrated in the lyrics.
Its members were announced on March 29th 2007. The next day, the band's name was declared. After May 2nd, the members' preview image was released on YOUTUBE, which rushed invitations from abroad and foreign media concerning live performances and interviews.

By the end of May, they accepted the interview for a German civil documentary TV program. The band didn't care too much about invitations from the Japanese media.
In the following June, their features appeared outstandingly on Sannkei News and ranked No.5 on YAHOO! ( Search with the keyword "Versailles Band") Also, appeared and broadcasted on livedoor news, Yomiuri News, Yomiuri TV (Asa Bara!) and Fuji TV (Mazamashi TV), enlarging their popularity in Japan expeditiously.

Now the band and their agency are in discussion for a real contract with a European record maker.
The live limited single, "The Revenant Choir" is the only work they have released in Japan.

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