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Birthday: January 13, 1968
Hometown: Saitama prefecture
Blood Type: AB
Debuted with 'Heaven' in 1991. The strong exhilarative voice with music full of originality takes audiences to ecstasy. Her strong personality and fashion are supported by many fans, making headway to appear in fashion magazines and CFs. In 1995, she appeared in the movie 'PICNIC' for the first time, produced by Shunji Iwai.

In 1996, she took part in the 2nd movie by the same producer, 'Swallow Tail'. As part of the movie, 'YEN TOWN BAND' with Chara as the vocalist was produced and became a massive hit! That following year, her album 'Junior Sweet' was released with a record sale of 1.2million.

Chara is known as an artist who usually collaborates with edged writer/artists. In 2006, after a period of rejuvenation, she moved to Universal Music pumped up to produce her new singles. Chara participated as a vocalist at Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra's 'Sapphire no Hoshi', one of their 'Uta-mono Series'. In summer, she appeared in ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL on August 6. On August 12 (in Osaka) and on August 13 (in Tokyo), she appeared in SUMMER SONIC 2006. The sequel of 'Junior Sweet' begins.....

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