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About musicJAPANplus

"musicJAPANplus" is a web magazine introducing information of Japanese music (J-pop, J-rock, Visual-kei, Idoll, Vocaloid, etc.), anime, manga and Japanese culture. You can read our contents in many languages, including English!
(All contents are free!)

musicJAPANplus Wolrd Team Members

We are looking for World Team Members to help MJP get even better!
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About Browsers

We update and view this site using Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 3.0.1+ and Google Chrome.
If you are viewing this site using Safari, it is possible some images won't line up correctly and the layout may appear broken. Please remember this as you are browsing.

Summary of each main section

* Pick up+: In this section you can read the latest news in Japanese pop and rock.

* Special Features: Here you can find live reports, interviews, and other such written features.

* Articles: This section is for recurring columns posted on musicJAPANplus. The advice of "JAPAN NOW" and other regularly updated columns can be found here.

* Events: Details regarding foreign concerts is posted here, updated very regularly.

* Artist Database: Each artist that appears on musicJAPANplus will have a page in our artist database. On these pages you can see: profiles, artist biographies, current schedules, image galleries, and links to musicJAPANplus articles featuring that artist as well as their official pages, etc.

musicJAPANplus Multiple Language SNS

You can now follow all of the multiple language versions of musicJAPANplus on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Vkontakte! Check these out to get the latest information in your language!

musicJAPANplus China: @musicJAPANplus (Weibo)

musicJAPANplus Indonesia: (Facebook), @MJP_ID (Twitter)

musicJAPANplus Italy: (Facebook), @it_mjp (Twitter)

musicJAPANplus Spanish: (Facebook), @MJP_es (Twitter)

musicJAPANplus German: (Facebook), @MJP_German (Twitter)

musicJAPANplus France: (Facebook), @MJP_FR (Twitter)

musicJAPANplus Greek: (Facebook), @MJP_GR (Twitter)

musicJAPANplus Russian: (Vkontakte), @MJP_Russia (Twitter)

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